Finally, …Football!!!  I have to admit…it’s been a rough stretch of months without it! (or hockey)  Tonight marks the beginning of the Buffalo Bills 2012 season, as the team will take on the Washington Redskins, in the 1st of 4 preseason games.  The Bills have made some real strides when it comes to the defense, and it they can remain fairly healthy….they should be able to make a playoff run.  Am I jumping the gun? Is it too early to say if this team is playoff worthy?  I don’t know!  We’ll have to see if the upgrades look as good on the field as they do on paper!  In tonight’s pre-season game (not televised).. Washington brings the hype of a rookie quarterback named Robert Griffin III (RG3) to Orchard Park.  Griffin will most likely play for a quarter if that, ..then be replaced by backups.  A recent article in the Washington Post quoted the rookie RG3 saying “To be honest, if I don’t get hit in the preseason, I would be very OK with that.”  RG3 is a “shake’n’ bake”  quarterback, but you better believe that Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus want to be the first to give him a suitable “Welcome to the NFL.” ;)