Today was beautiful and I took full advantage of being outside. I don’t know if you have been to the Buffalo Zoo in a while but if I were you I’d take a day and check it out.

I know back in the day it was only so so. It had animals it had fun things for the kids but these days the zoo has really stepped up their game. This is the second year we have had our zoo membership and I have to say I love it! Today was one of the days that you just have to say you had to be there to believe it. First I have to talk about the Sea Lion exhibit. This animal exhibit has been in place for a few years now but if you haven’t been there in years then this will definitely be new for you! As my boyfriend’s daughter Danica and I peered thru the chain link fence that separates us from the Sea Lions, one just happen to swim through stick it’s flipper above the water and throw water at us. Even though it didn’t get us wet it still had me jumping back. Next we were onto the new heritage farm petting zoo where we of course say the mule, pigs, and cow. Then we made our way over to the gorilla’s exhibit. Fortunately for us the zoo has these zooper Saturdays about different animals in the zoo and today was the gorillas! There were keepers standing around with interesting items on a cart like bones, tails, and even feathers. My favorite part is always the Gorillas and today it seemed like they were everyone else’s. The big guys were out and of course you could not miss those conversations of “Man could you believe that ape got out”, “what would you do standing toe to toe with that big guy”, or the best comment “do you think that shirt in there is the Zoo Keepers”. Even so it was still neat to be able to see the Gorillas out and about playing in their exhibit. Finally my absolutely favorite part of our trip to the zoo today was the polar bears. Usually they are just swimming around or sitting there but today the one was having some fun! The one polar bear that was swimming in their pool was playing with the ball that was floating in the pool. This giant white beast would jump on the ball bring it under the water and over to the side then set it into his paw. While looking directly at the audience he proceeded to throw the ball over his shoulder into the water behind him then did a back flip and grabbed the ball. He looked like a little kid playing in a pool! Loved it! So in the end we had an amazing time! This summer if I were you, no matter how old you are, I would definitely suggest taking a trip to the zoo to check out all the new exciting exhibits and animals you can learn about!