We asked our listeners to send in their perfect proposal ideas for a chance to win ...here are some of the entries we recieved!

After dating for 6 years this March , what I would do is want to take her the the aquarium in Niagara Falls because she loves penguins see if there is a way to adopt one of the penguins get her all excited that she adopted a penguin, possibly bring the penguin out with the ring and ask her to marry me with the penguin at her side.

________ and I are avid Buffalo Sabres fans; we love nothing more than a night at a Buffalo restaurant followed by cheering rinkside at First Niagara Center.
At a stop in play, I would get up to "use the restroom." While I was gone, Sabretooth would choose my girlfriend to participate in a 3-question hockey trivia game. The first two questions would be seemingly normal as they pertained to hockey. The final question, however, would be the proposal. At this point, Sabretooth would take off his mask, and I would actually be in the costume and on one knee. The correct answer to question #3 is Yes!

My girlfriend and I have been together for just over 7 years. We have been talking about getting engaged this year, until we received a big surprise, we are expecting a baby boy in a month. We decided to put the engagement on hold and focus on the baby. I'd like to propose to my girlfriend at the hospital, after she gives birth to our son. I was planning on making a shirt or onesie that says "mommy, will you marry my Daddy?" and having someone help me put it on the baby, then hand him off to my girlfriend. I think she would love that!

Five years ago I was blessed by meeting my girlfriend. I am ready to propose to her but unfortunately cannot afford a ring. As a recent college graduate, the majority of my money goes to paying for school loans. My dream proposal is to go to Darien Lake theme park. I would like to have our closest family and friends on the ferris wheel while she and I walk up to the ferris wheel. Once we approach, they will each hold a letter to spell put will you marry me. Her favorite country song would be playing in the background.

I would like to propose to my girlfriend at her college graduation. Essentially make a little white lie and say that due to the fact that I work out of town, I couldn't make her graduation. Have a quick video to say congrats and sorry that I couldn't make it and then while it's playing, walk out on stage and propose right there during her graduation. I know it would be tough to work out with her College, but this has been my favorite idea since I started thinking up ways to propose!

I would propose at the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl game because she would never see it coming.

I'm not getting married, but the ring is beautiful and I wouldn't mind wearing it!