It’s just not fair. Such a horrible tragedy just before Christmas. It’s hard to ignore. It’s everywhere – on TV, newspapers, the internet. 20 little kids and six adults murdered in a senseless crime. In addition to the families it left so many other victims including the young friends of the boys and girls who were killed. Six-year old kids are not supposed to be attending the funerals of other six-year old kids. But that’s what’s happening this week in Newtown, Connecticut.

There are so many heartbreaking stories being told, but this one will put a lump in your throat and bring tears to your eyes. It’s a sweet letter to one of the victims, Jack Pinto, from his best friend.


“Jack, You are my best friend. We had fun together. I will miss you. I will talk to you in my prayers. I love you Jack. Love, John

Jack Pinto was a big New York Giants fan and Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz was his favorite player. Cruz wore shoes in last Sunday’s game with the words Jack Pinto, My Hero” written on them. He visited with the family on Tuesday.  The boy was buried wearing Cruz's Giants jersey.