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All Those Tree Ornaments Have A Meaning
So many of the Christmas traditions we observe in this country were brought to this country by European immigrants – the idea of the Christmas tree itself even, and originally they were decorated with candles.
They Can Remember Every Day Of Their Life — Gift Or Curse?
It’s a condition called Hyperthymesia. It’s a combination of two Ancient Greek words: Hyper meaning “excessive” and thymesis meaning “remembering.” Technically it’s someone who has an extremely detailed autobiographical memory. Basically they can remember every day of their life in almost perfect de…
Gore Defeated By Hanging Chads
It was one of the closest and most disputed presidential elections in U.S. history. It’s when George W. Bush defeated Al Gore back in 2000 when the Supreme Court ruled that Electoral College votes in Florida would be awarded to Bush. For weeks before that, the winner of the election …
The Legend of Poinsettias
Today is known as Poinsettia Day, officially declared by an Act of Congress. It’s always on December 12. It’s in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett – the first American ambassador to Mexico appointed by President John Quincy Adams in the 1820s.
Familiar Name Involved In Controversy Decades Ago
Pretty interesting note in history. On this date in 1962, officials in New York City voted against a plan for an elevated expressway across the bottom of Manhattan. It was supposed connect the Holland Tunnel on the West Side with the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges on the East side, but it would …
Gift Buying Tips
I’ve always stressed myself over Christmas shopping. I’m always way too concerned over whether the person I’m giving a gift to will actually like it.
The better you know someone, the easier it is to buy them a gift, or just be a careful listener. They&C…
Today Is Christmas Card Day
Today is known as Christmas Card Day, honoring Sir Henry Cole of England who created the first commercial Christmas Card in 1843. It showed three generations of a family toasting the holiday in the middle, with scenes of charity on either side, with food and clothing being given to the poor.
The Growing Role of the Food Bank
We’re always looking to help the Food Bank of Western New York keep its shelves stocked, and one of the ways it does is through various food drives, including the Food 2 Families campaign along with Tops markets and Channel 2.
Is It Really Stealing? You Make The Call
Police in the Atlanta area charged a man with theft after they say he stole 5 cents worth of electricity to power up his electric car. While he was watching his son’s tennis game at the boy’s school, he plugged his Nissan Leaf into one of the school’s …
Deadline Day For Your Christmas List
Today is deadline day – it’s Santa's List Day - the day that Santa Claus finalizes his list of the Good and the Bad kids. It’s always on December 4th, three weeks before Christmas so that he and his helpers have plenty of time to get things straightened out…
Playboy Cars Were Made In Buffalo
We told about you about a barn fire in the Town of Boston Wednesday morning that destroyed a collection of classic cars. One of them was a rare Playboy car. Only about 30 of them exist around the world. They were made right here in Buffalo.

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