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The Fattest States In America. Are We On the List?
November is Diabetes Awareness month, a good time for some people to re-examine their diets and lifestyle.  The personal finance website WalletHub has done some research into which states in the country might be considered the fattest states and the results might surprise you.
In the Buf with Jo: Credit, Credit, Credit!
"Ladies do NOT discuss money or debt, Jolene." I can hear those words reverberating in my ears from my sainted mother. It's unseemly! Well with all due respect for my dear departed ma...I disagree. It MUST be discussed. I'm bringing debt-shame out of the closet baby...
Kevin Guest House Provides Sanctuary For Loved Ones
Buffalo's own Roswell Park Cancer Institute was named one of the top 4% U.S. cancer hospitals by U.S. News & World Report this week! How wonderful I chose this week to tell you about Kevin Guest House. Anyone supporting a patient healing in ANY of Buffalo's medical facilities can t…
Think Health Insurance Is Too Expensive? Here’s Why
If you've thought that health insurance premiums are going thru the roof, especially in New York State, you're not alone.  In a survey of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, health insurance premiums in New York were the 49th highest in the country.
Insane Inflatable 5K Was Nuts [GALLERY]
It's the bounciest fun you can have in a single 5k race.  This is one of the most unique 5k races I've ever taken part in.  If you're ever looking for a fun race to take part in, this is it.

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