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Buffalo Zoo Announces Name Of New Baby Ocelot
Yay! We have a name! The Buffalo Zoo announced Sunday that their new baby ocelot's name was Nico! The name was debuted after the public took part in the naming by vote!
Nico was born in November and can now be seen by the public when they visit The Buffalo Zoo...
Should Kids Be Allowed To Have Their Phones In The Classroom?
It took my wife and me a long time to come to terms with getting our daughter a cell phone.  Why do kids so young need them?  That’s the question that we kept asking.  Once the answer became clear that she DID need one, and she could prove she was mature enough to take…
Here’s How Much It Costs Now To Raise A Child In The US
Listen, we all know raising a child isn't cheap. But, have you ever wondered just HOW MUCH you're spending to bring your child into adulthood?
According to the NY Post, The Department of Agriculture estimates that to raise a child from birth to the age of 17 it will cost parents $…
Buffalo Area’s First Whole Foods Will Feature What?
People who have shopped for groceries out of town at a Whole Foods Market usually come away impressed.  The Buffalo area's first Whole Foods is scheduled to open this summer in Amherst on the site of the former Hens and Kelly and Bon Ton store at Northtown Plaza on Sheridan Drive.
Another Major Retailer Closing Stores In Buffalo
In an unexpected move The Limited women's clothing store chain shut down all 250 of its nationwide stores over the weekend.  At the same time the chain laid off 4,000 workers.
The Limited joins Sears and Macy's in closing dozens of stores including several in Buffalo...
Intermussen – New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Kept
We asked fans at a recent Buffalo Sabres game about their New Year's resolutions.  The question wasn't about the resolutions they've made, but instead about the resolutions they've kept.  It's a tough thing to do, whether it's to lose weight, quit smoking, get…

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