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The 19 Most Unbelievable Deals For Black Friday
Here are the best of the best deals to looks forward to this Friday!

49-inch Toshiba 4K LED HDTV with built in Chromecast for $199.99 at Best Buy.
Xbox One S 500 GB, Battlefield 1 Bundle and Gears of War 4, with extra controller for $249
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Check Out Where This Hunter Put The Deer He Just Took [VIDEO]
It's not everyday you see stuff like this... I've seen deer wrapped up in tarps or legs sticking out of the back of the truck bed, but I've never seen this cruising down the 90!
Most people on Jeremy's Facebook found this amusing, but some also found it disrespectful to the animal…
Here’s A Fun And Hilarious Game For Your Holiday Party [VIDEO]
It's so simple and it's hilarious! Taking a cue from Barrel Of Monkeys, you use one candy candy cane to grab the others! Whoever gets the most before time runs out wins!!! Watch!
This has my competitive family written all over it! Get ready because your holiday party just got better...
Frosted Flakes Has Introduced A New Flavor
Tony the Tiger get ready to start pushing another version of the "grrrreeeeeeeaaaaaatttttt" cereal. Cinnamon Frosted Flakes will be making their debut this month and then available everywhere starting next year.
I guess Frosted Flakes lovers thought adding cinnamon would be awesome …
Tinder Has New Gender Options + Here’s Why
Everyone is welcome on Tinder.
Introducing more genders on Tinder, an update allowing users to express their gender identity. Tinder asked transgender and GNC (Gender Non-Conforming) activists to share their dating experiences and came up to welcome more gender options on the dating app...
Dad Argues With Toddler – And Nearly Loses
It's tough being a parent.  You always feel like you should be right in every single argument.  You've had more life experiences, you've seen more things in your life, you should be right....right?  Not with every single toddler...

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