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Parents Set To Keep Other Couples’ Kids After Hospital Screw-Up
I have no clue what I would do in this situation.
Of course, the important question is: which parents?
Two children, a boy and a girl born in Johannesburg in 2010, were accidentally switched at birth.
The mix-up occurred when nurses accidentally confused the identity of the two children...
We Have A Winner In Our ‘You Snow It’s Coming’ Contest
It's been over a month since we started our 'You Snow It's Coming' contest where one person would walk away with a brand new Ariens Deluxe 28 snowblower from Lakeshore Hardware and Tool Rental. All it had to do was snow the first inch of snow at the Buffalo Airport on t…
Water Spout Spotted Over Lake Erie Near Dunkirk [VIDEO]
With the Lake Effect Snow doing it's think in WNY, major news outlets and meteorologists have made their way to the area to cover the story. Reed Timmer from AccuWeather caught this water spout from the 90 in Dunkirk yesterday! Pretty cool!
Weather does some crazy things...
Season 2 Of ‘Fuller House’ Is Now Streaming On Netflix [VIDEO]
It's back!!! After a very good season one, Netflix has released season two of the Full House reboot, Fuller House. Expect this season to be more about the three girls and their mishaps and less about the reunion aspect of season one. However, you will still see all your original favorites that …

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