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Another Major Retailer Closing Stores In Buffalo
In an unexpected move The Limited women's clothing store chain shut down all 250 of its nationwide stores over the weekend.  At the same time the chain laid off 4,000 workers.
The Limited joins Sears and Macy's in closing dozens of stores including several in Buffalo...
The Clintons Will Attend Donald Trump’s Inauguration
In case you missed the buzz on social media yesterday, Hillary and Bill Clinton will be attending Donald Trump's inauguration on January 20 in D.C.. It is no surprise though, as former President, George W. Bush, who didn't vote for Bush, will be in attendance as well...
President Trump Tried Working As A Waiter [VIDEO]
He's has not carried his own luggage in a long, long time, until this video. He has not cooked himself in a long time either. So, back in 2011, the now President-Elect, Donald Trump tried to do some of the jobs that he hires for including, door man, waiter, housekeeper  and dog walker...
Melania Trump Will Not Be Moving To White House + Here’s Why
Over the weekend it was confirmed that Melania Trump will NOT be moving into the White House after her husband officially becomes president in January.
But, what do you think? For good reason?
Melania has decided to stay home in Trump Tower so that 10-year-old Barron can continue attending his Up…

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