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DEC Announces Contest…Sorry Guys… Just For The Ladies
Okay ladies, it's your turn to show the guys how it's done! With archery over and shotgun season now open, many hunters take to the woods hoping to tag the big one. It turns out there has been a growing number of female hunters, and the DEC has just announced something special...
Buffalo’s Winter Bucket List
With the snowfall over the past few days, it's time to admit it to ourselves; winter is here. But here are some things to do to enjoy winter in Buffalo.
Canalside Open for the Season, with a New Attraction
While Buffalo is still waiting for the real snow to hit, no one's waiting for the ice. Mostly because it's already here; the Ice at Canalside is now open for the season. The rink opened up this past Friday (11/23) to a packed crowd.
You can find the normal "ice fare"; ice …
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let’s Make Snow?
It's that time of the year. Where every day you know it could be there, you know it could show up, but it hasn't. Yet.
Ready or not, as Ned Stark was fond of saying, "Winter's Coming." Even though the weather forecasters can't tell you exactly when, we …
When to Buy Your Christmas Tree for the Best Deal
Based on the past few years of when stores put out their Christmas offerings, next year you can expect the Christmas season to start in June. There were stores that had their Christmas decorations up in August, this year. AUGUST.
Whether you're into it that early or not, it's just about Chr…
NYS DOT Is Looking To Hire Almost 500 Workers
We hear about a lot of part time seasonal job opportunities that become available this time of year, but have you ever thought of maybe kicking off the new year with a State job? The New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) hung the help wanted sign, and help wanted seems to be an understat…
This Pumpkin Just Broke The State Record
You get a pumpkin pie, you get a pumpkin pie, EVERYONE gets a pumpkin pie... because this pumpkin is ginormous! A new year, a new state record pumpkin weight found right here in western New York.

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