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Water Spout Spotted Over Lake Erie Near Dunkirk [VIDEO]
With the Lake Effect Snow doing it's think in WNY, major news outlets and meteorologists have made their way to the area to cover the story. Reed Timmer from AccuWeather caught this water spout from the 90 in Dunkirk yesterday! Pretty cool!
Weather does some crazy things...
Man Punches Kangaroo Who Was Attacking His Dog [VIDEO]
There is one thing that I know and that's the fact that kangaroos are jacked! They are so strong and their tails are lethal! So when I saw this video I didn't believe it at first, but watch this guy go after a kangaroo who was attacking his dog...
Buffalo Canalside Moves Holiday Celebration To Saturday
Because of the concern of rain on Thursday, Canalside has decided to move its 6th annual Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting to Saturday.
The event features children’s activities, holiday music, food vendors, Dickens Carolers, dancers and even a visit by Santa...
Check Out Where This Hunter Put The Deer He Just Took [VIDEO]
It's not everyday you see stuff like this... I've seen deer wrapped up in tarps or legs sticking out of the back of the truck bed, but I've never seen this cruising down the 90!
Most people on Jeremy's Facebook found this amusing, but some also found it disrespectful to the animal…
Did You See The Supermoon? Do You Know What It Is?
The sky was crystal clear over Western New York last night for what's called a Supermoon, but this Supermoon is extraordinarily special.  The moon was full and very bright and although you really couldn't tell, it's the closest the moon has been to Earth since 1948.
Stay active this winter – Join a league + Play broomball!
Efforts to make Buffalo a more health conscience city have been evident in recent months with the new bike paths and health friendly events over the summer. But now that winter is at our door, how will those active folks keep up on their physical activity?
Here one way, Healthy Buffalo is gearing for…
‘You Snow It’s Coming’ Official Game Board – Follow Along
The days have been filled and now the wait starts. If the first official inch of snow at the Buffalo Niagara Airport falls on your day, you win. Easy as that! The prize is awesome too and you'll get it just in time to use it!
This Ariens Deluxe 28 snowblower from Lakeshore Hardware and…

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