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Top Country First Dance Songs For 2015 Weddings
You’ve been engaged now for a while. You set the date. You met with the banquet hall and booked your DJ. Now he wants to have a meeting to go over your song choices. But you have no idea what you want to dance to!!
No worries. We’ve got your back…again.
WYRK Online Music Survey! Tell What You Like
Your opinions count! Take our latest music poll, and have a say in what we play!
You’ll be asked to enter a special “market code”, so when prompted for it, please enter this number: A88. That’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because it will make sure t…
Mom Songs For Mother’s Day
Mother's Day is this Sunday May, 10th so I thought I'd track down songs about mom.  Some are sweet, some maybe not so sweet.  Either way, mom gets a tribute in song/video right here!
Dale Mussen’s Favorite Songs of 2014
How do you whittle down a whole year's worth of music into your Top 5 songs?  That's always a tough thing to do.  Keep in mind this could easily be expanded into a Top 15 or even a Top 20.  So let's just say these songs would be among my favorite songs of 2014...
The 10 Most Recorded Christmas Songs
Sometimes it doesn't really seem like there are a lot of Christmas songs out there.  Why?  Well because many of the classics have just been redone over and over again by different artists.  So what are the most recorded Christmas songs of all time?
A List Of Songs To Honor Our Veterans
Country music has always been a soundtrack for our military. Our artists are constantly taking part in USO tours and doing everything they possibly can for our soldiers. Here's a list of songs that have been put together simply to say thank you for the hard work that's done by our military…

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