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National Trucker Week-Clay’s Top 5 Trucking Songs [VIDEO]
It's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Now, through the 20th, we honor and recognize the men and women who keep the United States (and the world) on the move. It's a job that isn't for everyone. Often these hard working people leave home for days/weeks and for pay that seems to be harder to c…
Hot Summer Singles 2014
Every summer demands a perfect playlist, full of sizzling hot singles for the beach, roadtripping across the country or even just a warm summer night on the front porch. Press play on any of these five songs and get ready to feel everything good about summer wash over you.
Country Songs To Help Deal With Loss
Keith Anderson has a song called “I Still Miss You.” It’s a song about loss. Whether it’s the loss of a relationship or the loss of a friend or family member, it’s a song that will always stand out to me.
Top Country First Dance Songs For 2014 Weddings
You've been engaged now for a while. You set the date. You met with the banquet hall and booked your DJ. Now he wants to have a meeting to go over your song choices. But you have no idea what you want to dance to!!
No worries. We've got your back...again.

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