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In the Buf with Jo-Vote kitties!
I was always taught not to talk about religion or politics in a social situation because it always causes arguments. It's the same on social media, as I'm sure you've noticed. Everyone has been so angry lately by this old hippie's standards...
Luke Bryan’s Semi-Trailer Strikes Overpass [Photos]
Luke Bryan's 'Huntin' Fishing, Loving Everyday' Tour played a sold out crowd at Darien Lake on Friday night, one of four stops in the state of NY.
The driver of one of Luke's semi's wasn't having a good night and will not live this down I'm sure...
Look What This Woman Found In Her Unopened Bud Light Can [VIDEO]
Well, this was strange. It almost looks like a frog inside. Unopened can. Bought that day at the store.
This woman finds out that her beer has some weird, random particles floating around in it as she drinks from the can. When she goes to pour it in a clear glass, she realizes that something strange …

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