What's going on with people nowadays....Brett Favre, Tiger Woods, Rep. Chris Lee of Clarence and.....millions of teens, all thinking its a good idea to text and or post provocative pictures of themselves on the internet. You will always get caught! Its only a matter of time before the "dirt" leaks.

Now, as far as I know, the pictures that got Chris Lee in trouble weren't that bad! I mean, the picture in and of itself! What it does to the family, a relationship and his career, that is another thing.

Here's my suggestion.....If you want to cheat, break up! If you want to post pictures of yourself or send them, stay single and don't expect to hold high positions anywhere.

I remember when people said earrings and tats would ruin chances to be something in life. Companies won't hire if you look like a hoodlum. Now it's technology that will ruin people. I'd much rather hire a guy/girl with piercings and tats, then someone with nude pics or provocative pics on the net.