I saw the trailer for this movie during the Super Bowl in February and thought it was a pretty imaginative scenario for a movie - "Cowboys and  Aliens".  Well that movie hit the theatres this weekend to mixed reviews.  Some people thought it was great, others thought it was dumb.  So often great movie concepts get screwed up by just getting too far-fetched.  I hope I like it because it was one of the movies Shelley and I decided we have to see in the theatres this summer.   

The movie centers on a small Arizona town in the 1870's that get invaded by aliens who need something as valuable to them as to the wild west settlers - gold.  Harrison Ford is back fighting aliens again.  He stars as the mayor of the town.  Daniel Craig is a stranger with no memory of what happened to him stumbles into town.  And that's when the fun begins.

Ron Howard is one of the producers.  Steven Spielberg is the executive producer. Directed by John Favreau - the director of "Iron Man".

Check out the trailer -