Her name is Felicity Aston.  She's a British woman, 33 years old and she's trying to become the first person ever to do it alone.  She's already begun.  She estimates it'll take her 70 days to do it.  She's crossing the frozen continent of Antarctica alone.  It's a thousand mile trip.

She has some experience.  She's crossed the ice sheet of Greenland.  She's made a trip across the Canadian arctic.  She also traveled across frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia.  So She's got a pretty good idea of what to expect.  But she's never done one of these trips alone before.

She knows she can do it physically.  The mental challenge is what concerns her.  She says it’s eating, sleeping and skiing. Almost like meditation.  All you can hear is your own breathing, your own heartbeat, the sound of your clothes and your skis”.

She’s taking with her freeze-dried food, a small stove, fuel, a solar recharger, two MP3 players, two satellite phones and a GPS unit to communicate with a support team.

It’ll be more than just skiing.  When she gets near the South Pole, she’ll have to climb the Transatlantic

It’s moving from springtime into summer in the southern hemisphere.  Even so, the average temperature in the summer is only in the 30’s and the snow rarely melts.  The highest temperature ever recorded at the South Pole is 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

SOURCE: Huffington Post