At some concerts this year, there were over 140 underage drinking violations and/or arrests made out at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. And a ton of tickets are being written for fake IDs because the Department of Motor Vehicles has teamed up with the Genesee County Sheriff's Office to go out to Darien Lake.

The police department asked DMV investigators to start coming out to concerts to help them get underage drinkers using a fake ID at the concerts or in the parking lots.

'With my experience so far with the number of arrests we've made, I believe it was well over 140 at the last concert several weeks ago between the underage drinking and possessing fraudulent licenses, it's definitely a problem. And then also interviewing the kids and catching them up in different information that's not on the license, such as county of residence for instance', says chief investigator Ehlinger.

These DMV investigators are trained and have tools that they can utilize to tell exactly which IDs are fake and if they're even theirs or not. Even the "best" fakes have holograms that can be detected.

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