Today is deadline day – it’s Santa's List Day - the day that Santa Claus finalizes his list of the Good and the Bad kids. It’s always on December 4th, three weeks before Christmas so that he and his helpers have plenty of time to get things straightened out before the Big Day. 

Good kids can be happy to know that most of what they want for Christmas will be considered and likely will be loaded aboard the sleigh on Christmas Eve. A different story for the bad kids. They’ll be getting something alright, but not what they had in mind.

But some people think it creates a little bit of loophole in the “he knows when you’ve been naughty and nice” thing for kids. Just because today is the deadline doesn’t mean that good kids can all of a sudden start doing bad things. Santa’s a reasonable guy and he knows that sometimes good kids stray a little bit. But as long as they’re basically a good kid year round they’ll be in good shape on Christmas morning.

Santa’s List Day isn’t just for kids either. Adults should also be finalizing their lists so there’s plenty of time for Santa to get all those gifts organized too.