We all have days when for some unexplained reason we’re just in a bad mood.  I woke up this morning with a chip on my shoulder and I'm not exactly sure why.  It got me thinking about an episode of the ‘Doctors’ and a segment they did about how certain foods/beverages can boost your mood.  So I did a little research to see what I can eat or drink to feel happier today.

Drinking Tea can alter your mood for the better, caffeinated green or black tea an amino acid present in these teas that may work to improve attention and focus. It’s suggested that drinking 5 to 6 (8-ounce) cups of tea a day will do the trick.

Here’s one of always heard about but really can’t get behind because I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate, but it’s been said that dark chocolate is high in magnesium and minerals that ease muscles and help with anxiety.  It also contains tryptophan which helps with depression.  Ok, I may have to force myself to like dark chocolate.

Here’s a good one, Salmon is packed with omega-3 which helps balance your mood and is good for memory and focus.  I need to eat more salmon, and good thing here is I like it.

As Popeye always said, eats me spinach.  I actually like spinach and would prefer ordering a spinach salad over any other.  Spinach has lots of vitamin B that helps with mood and the antioxidants protect brain cells and balance low energy mood swings.  More spinach it is.

Chicken is also good on helping improve mood.  White meat especially contains B12, a vitamin helping boost energy.