I haven’t watched American Idol for the last couple of years I wasn’t really a fan of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler because I thought they were way too soft on the contestants.  I longed for the rude remarks from Simon Cowell who usually hit the nail on the head with his critiques.  When I heard that Keith Urban was taking a chair on the show I told myself I would at least check it out because I’m a Keith fan.  So that’s what I did, I watched the debut last night and found myself getting sucked back in.  I think the chemistry works with the four judges and am guessing as they get deeper into the auditions and on to the live shows they’ll be clicking along well and won’t be afraid to give hard critiques to the contestants. Okay so the first night wasn’t perfect it was even uncomfortable at times but like a train wreck I kept watching.  I even set the DVR for tonight’s episode. I’m not promising that I’ll stick with it but for now I’ll keep peaking to see if they can keep watching.  Having Keith on the show is definitely a good enough reason for me to give it a chance which when I think about it goes against the real purpose of the show, to find the next American Idol.  In retrospect its to bad that the judges of the show have become the show leaving the contestants as wallpaper.