If you grew up in the 1970's like I did, then maybe you remember Burt Sugarmann's TV show "The Midnight Special". It was a must see for me and this was way before VCR's and DVR's. If you wanted to see your favorite program, you actually had to clear your schedule and make sure you were in front of your TV set when the show came on. I really enjoyed watching "The Midnight Special". Our parents were asleep and we could watch some of the coolest acts in rock and roll every week. What more could a teenager want? I found this clip from the show that has to be one of my all-time favorites. It is from 1975 and features Peter Frampton and his band doing the long version of "Do you feel like we do". I can remember watching this episode when it first aired. Back in the day, this tune became somewhat of an anthem for the students of Williamsville East High School. Notice Frampton's use of the special guitar/talk box which he invented and still uses to this day.