Picture this.  A tornado slams into your house and takes your pet dog with it.  When the dust settles you search for your dog but can't seem to find him anywhere.  Just about the time you decide to give up, you come back home only to find him sitting on your front doorstep waiting for you.

This is the story of Mason.  He's a dog from North Smithfield, Alabama that was hiding out in his garage when the tornados that destroyed much of Alabama came to his front door.  He was scooped up by the tornado and then disappeared for a couple weeks.  No one knows where he ended up or how far he was thrown.  But he did return with dirty matted fur and two broken legs.

For an animal just to show up on someone's porch after this time was pretty remarkable, especially with the condition he's in. --Phil Doster of the Birmingham-Jefferson County Animal Control Shelter
The saddest part of the story though is that even though this dog struggled to get himself back to his home, he's not going to be able to live there anymore.  The owners cannot afford to care for him as they try their best to put their own lives back together.  So they've surrendered him to a shelter.