Looking back at 2010, one of the coolest things that I got to take part in was a Zac Brown Band Eat and Greet.  It was by far the best way to meet a band.  First of all, I was pumped that we were getting to meet them in the first place.  I'm a huge fan and just scoring tickets was huge for me.

But to be greeted at a tent with ice cold beer and some Zac Brown music playing was the best way to start the night.  Before we knew it, the band trickled into the tent too.  Every member of the band went around to every table and shook every hand.  Then Zac made his way to the front of the tent where there was a buffet set up and he explained what was on the menu.  It was a spread of some of his recipes from the days when he was cutting his teeth in the restaurant business. 

He then explained that they don't do pictures at these things...not because they want to be rude, but the exact opposite of that.  They said they don't do pictures because they'd rather take the time talking to their fans and getting to know them than to make people stand in a line just for a quick smile and picture with the band.

So we all lined up to put a dent in the buffet.  I thought that was pretty well it with the band.  We all got a handshake and they were feeding us and their duty was done.  Right?

Oh no...not at all.  Zac stood at the beginning of the line while people grabbed their plates and the rest of the band went behind the buffet and started to serve people.  Talk about hospitality!!  So that's it right?

Nope...the band then filled their own plates after everyone else had made it through the line and joined people at the tables.  "Are you kidding?" I thought as the band was slowly making their way out in the crowd.  We already got a handshake, they're feeding us, and now we get to sit and actually talk to the band that we all wanted to meet!  You don't get this opportunity every day.  I was soooo grateful that I got to take part in it.  The guys were all very down to earth and very friendly.

We actually got to sit with Zac himself and I don't know that I've ever met a more humble man than him.  I was a fan before the whole experience and I'm a bigger fan now. 

Then he went and put on a 4 hour show!  Incredible.

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