June 15, 2013 | 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Northwood Elementary School
Northwood Ave. , West Seneca, NY United States

Additional Information

On December 2, 2012, Devin Miller, a promising 6th grade Northwood Elementary student, was tragically taken from us in a traffic accident. He left behind his mother, father and three sisters along with countless family and friends grieving his loss. In loving memory of Devin, Family and Friends are now joining together on June 15th from 4-8pm for the First Annul “Love Everybody” 5K. We are coming together to not only celebrate, but honor the life of our precious angel.
Devin was a unique child for as long as we can remember. He showed talent and promise in so many ways. He played football for Airlanes Junior Football, where despite his size, never shied from contact, never displayed fear, and always showed compassion for his teammates and opponents. He also played basketball for Southline, where he always showed enthusiasm and joy for competition. Devin, as you might have already guessed, was an avid runner. He started running with the schools runners club in 4th grade, then joined his father on daily runs that spurred racing in local 5K’s. Running takes a lot of inner desire and personal dedication, Devin had both. From an early age Devin showed a passion for music, and not just pop. He had an affinity towards country and even enjoyed the classics. Not a day went by where we didn’t hear him singing along with Johnny Cash or Merrill Haggard, or his favorites of today like Brad Paisley or Big and Rich. Devin also knew the importance of education. He strived and worked hard in every class he went to. He has a passion to learn which was displayed on his last report card where he received all A’s! He was a big brother to three little sisters. He did not push them away or hide from them, he enjoyed reading to them or even playing dress-up, whatever made them happy. At an age where most kids are just thinking about the next day, he was thinking far beyond tomorrow. He was planning what high school he would attend, what college, his major, his extra-curricular activities, and his career path. He had not a day plan… but a life plan. Dreams and goals.
We are asking for your help today.
We are looking for sponsors to help defray the cost of the run. For the generous donation of $250 you can become part of this celebration. For that gift you will receive your logo on the back of the race t-shirt proudly worn by 300 runners, you may also set up a table the day of the race for advertisement purposes and your logo will also be displayed on the Love Everybody 5K website visited by friends, family and fellow runners.
There will also be a Chinese auction. We are looking for basket donations big or small to be placed in auction baskets. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.
We are also in need of goodie bag items for the runners as well as; beverages and or food items for the runners post-race. Larger items also sought for are chairs, tables and tents to make the celebration a fun and comfortable event for all.
Proceeds of the event will being going back to the many people and organizations that helped and continue to stand by us during our difficult time. We intend to donate back to Northwood Elementary to help repair or replace playground equipment, and repair or purchasing of new musical instruments. Kaden’s Kisses, which is an organization that assists families defray the cost of lying to rest their children, who helped us when we found ourselves in need of their kindness. In keeping the memory of Devin we have start the Devin Miller Scholarship with Northwood. Part of the funds each year from the “Love Everybody” 5K will be donated to the scholarship program. This scholarship will benefit at least three graduating seniors who attended Northwood Elementary toward their college education. One of Devin’s biggest dreams was to attend Canisius College in pursuit of an architecture degree while continuing to play sports. Secondary education was always important to him, and a part of his long term plans.
Any donation(s) whether big or small will be greatly appreciated to help defray the costs of the run, so we can in return be able to give back to those who helped us out when we needed it the most.