When Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) came out as a sport rather than just a fighting style, many people said that it would never last.  However, now it has become one of the most exciting sporting events on Pay Per View television.  Now, there's a new sport coming to the table.  It's called X-Arm or Extreme Arm Wrestling.

I never used to be interested in this stuff.  I would watch Ultimate Fighting Championships when I was in high school but never really had any interest in taking martial arts or fighting classes myself.

Then I got my kids into karate.  I read that it was really good for kids to get into that sport because it helped them with their attention span and discipline.  They loved it!

Before long they started up a new class at our dojo.  It was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and they were having it at a time of the day that I could participate.  So I decided to join to get myself in shape.  Now I love it.  The sport is very much like a chess match.  When one opponent makes a move, it opens up a bunch of moves that I can do.

Extreme Arm Wrestling seems to be quite a bit like the same kind of chess match...with more blood.