If you love fall as much as I do, today you have reason to celebrate! Although it may be a bit soggy out, the best season of all in Western New York officially arrives today! From picking pumpkins to watching football, raking leaves, hunting and everything in between, there is something very special about this time of the year in this area.True, fall arrives all over the USA this weekend. However, this area is the best for looking at the beautiful hills of the southern tier full of colorful leaves. I bet we have more festivals devoted to fall per capita than any other place and who doesn't love all of the great pumpkin spice treats at Tim Hortons and other coffee and doughnut shops. The air seems cleaner this time of year and those crisp mornings and cool evenings are just what the doctor order for great sleeping and to put you in a good mood!!

I'll be outdoors as much as I can for the next few months and I hope you and your family enjoy this great season as much as I will!