The Holland family of Nashville, Tenn. is suing Cox Media for posting altered images of their son, who has Down syndrome.

The original picture was altered to have Pamela and Bernard's son Adam holding the picture with the words "Retarded News". Adam made this picture at an art class that he attended, and a Tampa Bay radio station, WHPT-FM, owned by Cox Media, obtained the picture and altered it.

They should be completely ashamed of themselves.

The suit, filed with the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, claims the the Hollands were shocked to learn that an image of Adam taken in July 2004, when he was 17, was used for commercial use with "defamatory" descriptions, the Hollands' lawsuit states.

"The segment 'Retarded News' is designed to highlight odd stories that are seemingly always in the news," according to the email that was included in the court papers.

"These stories are NOT about disabled individuals. However, in our investigation, we noted the picture that he was using did denote a person with Down syndrome," the program director wrote.

Seriously? At what point did you think calling a public segment 'Retarded News' was OK? My question many people work there went with this idea and thought this was a good idea?