Kicking off a relationship is sometimes hard and often times a bit awkward.  Unless you are soul mates or just click right off the  bat, there is work that needs to be done by both parties to make sure this budding relationship runs smoothly.  I've comprised a list of places to go on a first date along with the pros and cons of each destination listed.......Check 'em out! See what you think!!..............

1. The Movies!- The typical first date destination.  To me this is a last ditch idea.  Start off being a little more creative than that.  Do you even know what kind of movie he/she likes? Will you bore them to death with your sci-fi flick?  Would he/she rather be in a more intimate setting where you can get to know a little more about each other? Pros- Easy idea, affordable   Cons- Not much interaction, possibly boring

2. Bar Hopping!- I'm always a fan of this one.  You can really get to know someone when you belly up to the bar and have a good conversation.  Hopefully she likes to drink (even a little) or else this plan is out of the question!  Make sure you choose your bar wisely, don't take her to a place that's too dumpy!  Pros- good conversation, a few drinks usually open people up a little more  Cons- He/she may think you have an alcohol problem, you could drink too much and spill your beans

3. Family Functions- You are a brave guy/girl if you bring your date to a family function.  This is not a first date idea!  You need a good 2 weeks to a month before you introduce him or her to the family in that type of setting. Pros- she/he may think you are a family oriented person, the family can give input afterwards  Cons- You may face a lot of questions you may not want to answer, you may face razzing by family members, he/she might think you are a  homer

4. Comedy Show- Great idea!  Who doesn't like to laugh?  Just make sure it's a comedian that is funny.  Hopefully, the two daters have the same sense of humor or this could be a bore for one of the parties involved.  Pros- lots of laughs    Cons- you might get picked on by the comedian, he/she might have bad sense of humor

5. The Beach- Unless your body is ready for it, I'd skip this one.  Guys, I know you'd love to see her in a bikini, but she may not want to jump right into being semi-nude with you.  Pros- You get to check him/her out in beach attire  Cons- the better looking guy/girl sitting down the way from you

6. Mini- Golf- This, for me, is always a good time.  Guys, don't make the mistake of letting her win.  Play your game.  Ladies, don't be afraid to whoop his A$$ if you can.  It will humble him.....unless he is a hot head, then the date ends there.  Pros- Fun, good conversation, harmless razzing  Cons-competitive people might lose their cool