We always hear about foods that are good for us. How about foods that’ll make us happier too? There are some foods that have natural anti-depressants.

  • Eggs

    Eggs – they have lots of protein and moderate amounts of Zinc, Vitamin B, Iodine, Omega-3 Fatty acids. They keep you fuller longer and a study showed that people who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight than people who ate bagels and donuts for breakfast.

  • Tomatoes

    Tomatoes – they have lycopene – an antioxidant that protects the brain and keeps the brain from swelling.

  • Asparagus

    Asparagus – high in folate and tryptophan. Low levels of folate in the body are linked to depression. Tryptophan helps the body produce serotonin – a mood stabilizer.

    (kayaker 1204@Flickr)
  • Greek Yogurt

    Greek yogurt – has lots of calcium – more than milk and calcium is good for your brain. The way it’s described is it releases neurotransmitters that’ll make you happy. And Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt.

  • Dark Chocolate

    Add dark chocolate to the list – yep. It’s got to be dark chocolate. It improves blood flow to the brain and gives a boost to concentration and mood.