If you have lived here all your life like I have, there is no doubt that at some point you have tasted Genny Cream Ale.  Back in my high school days at Williamsville East, we lovingly refered to this brew as "Genny Screamers".  Who could forget the bright green cans and more importantly the affordable price!  I would like to think that almost every beer drinker in WNY has gone through some type of love affair with Genesee Cream Ale.  Do you remember those TV commercials from way back when that told us, "Try something different, try a Genny Cream Ale".

Genesee Cream Ale is celebrating its 50th birthday.  If you have a Genny Cream Ale story you would like to share, please post it below. In honor of this WNY brew: Hein Prosit!