It is in stores now. The latest album from George Strait titled "Here For A Good Time" has arrived just in time for the fall.It is more than just music, it is a lesson in life.As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Strait's music and for good reason. He is consistently great. The numbers speak for it as well. In the last 31 years, George has had a songs on the charts very single year. 84 of those went on to the top ten! That is only second to Eddy Arnold with 92 (Source: Dial-Global). There is something extra special about this album that I can't overlook.George's son Bubba has co written 7 of the 11 songs on this album.

A Lesson From The Master

I wanted to listen to this album with an objective ear. After all, I LIKE just about every song he has put out and I LOVE most of the them. I tried to put the idea of him including his son on this project on the back burner and place my focus on the feel of the entire album.(I don't like to listen to albums and pick on them song by song.) However, after listening through a few times on different days, I get the sense that this album conveys the lessons that Strait has learned through the words/thoughts and feelings of both he and his son.

A Foundation For The Future

Here is what I mean. Many of these songs reveal a side of Strait that we haven't heard before. Maybe a round about musical autobiography of his life? Song after song, there is a lesson to be learned within the lyrics of the song. Songs like "Poison" and "Drinkin Man" and "Shame On Me" almost give an example of what a father may tell his son. They almost say " here is what I have have learned from some of the mistakes I have made."

The first single " Here For A Good Time" sort of says the same thing. I know that life is short and I am gonna make the most of it. "Showman's Life" (with Faith Hill) is another inside look at life as a mega star. There is a spiritual message in the song "Three Nails And A Cross" that confirm the down to earth humbled side of George. Ofcourse his allegiance to Texas is represented on the song "Lonestar Blues" and the song "Blue Marlin Blues" is just plain fun to listen to!

A Look Into The Mind Of A Superstar

The song that identifies the album as autobiographical and symbolizes the EXACT essence of Strait as an artist in 2011 is the song "Ill Always Remember You." If you have ever met him you may walk away asking yourself, "what is going on in his head?" Well I think we now know. This song is one of the best written songs I have ever heard. It is exactly what I would expect to find if we were to pry into that laid back and quiet mind of his. This album is genius when you break it down song by song and when you look at it as a project as a whole! Simply amazing.