For as many years as I've worked at WYRK, I've heard stories about people who have seen other people wandering the 12th and 13th floors of The Rand Building, only to find out that there really weren't any people there at all.  But were they ghosts or just our active imaginations playing tricks on us?  This Halloween, I set out to find out what was haunting the WYRK studios with my own team of ghost hunters.

We've heard stories of little kids randomly walking the halls, and ghosts who are lurking just outside the studio doors.  But are they real?

My sister Kim and my cousin's wife Sara like to do their own experiments to see if they can get in touch with life "on the other side" for their own entertainment.  So I figured I'd ask them to come up and help us to put these stories to rest.

This is what we found...

So, it seems as if what we have been seeing might just be our over active imaginations from what we see in the video. But check out what we found after we listened back to the electronic voice recorder.

It could be nothing....right?  You hear four separate voices in the clip.  The first is of Sara, the second comes from Kim who is talking about the elevators going up.  Then there is a third mysterious voice that almost sounds like it says, "It's getting cold outside."  Finally you hear Brett ask if they want to go upstairs to the 15th floor.

Is it just a coincidence or is there something or someone else on that floor with them? Why would they be talking about it getting cold outside?  You be the judge.

Happy Halloween!

*This investigation was not a true scientific test of paranormal activity.  It was done for entertainment purposes only*