In today's world, spelling is bad enough. With the new age of texting, tweeting and Facebook, there is very little effort put into spelling and handwriting. However, there are people that still put emphasis on good penmanship. Some may take it for granted, but not little Annie Clark.The seven year old from Pennsylvania was born with no hands! She is the latest winner of the Nicholas Maxim Award.

It is stories like this that really make you think about things in your every day life that are taken for granted. Handwriting used to be the only way people would communicate. Even today it is so nice to get a handwritten note or letter. There is something a little more intimate or special about it. This young lady is an inspiration in the fact that she had to work very hard to be able to even hold a pen the proper way, let alone write with perfection. How many things in our daily lives do we do that perhaps seem meaningless or routine. Things that for some are hard work. Walking, driving or even writing. Annie Clark has won more than just an award, she has given us all a reminder even the smallest daily tasks deserve more attention!