I love my golden retriever Bailey, but having a long-haired dog can be a lot of work. We have to vacuum our house quite a bit as well as brush him regularly. We usually brush Bailey in the backyard and you should see all the hair that comes off of him. In addition to regular brushing, we also get him groomed every three months. Initially, this was a problem because I could not find a good dog groomer. About a year ago, I found an amazing dog groomer. Amanda is the absolute best groomer for a couple of reasons. She knows what she is doing when it comes to dog grooming but more importantly, she has a repoire with my dog. Bailey loves her! Because of that, Amanda will be the only person who will ever groom my dog. After I got off the air on Saturday, I took Bailey to see Amanda for a grooming. Here is a before and after look at Bailey. He is very happy with his new look and so am I.