Imagine coming back from a two week vacation to find that your dog was gone.  Then you check with the pound only to find that your dog was there too long and they were putting her to sleep.  Four years later, you find out that she was not put to sleep and she had made her way from Baton Rouge to Buffalo, NY.

Her name is "Bluebell" and according to WIVB, she has been doing some traveling over the last 4 years.

It all started when her owner Ben Gautreaux returned to find that his Great Dane had escaped from his property after a landscaper accidentally cut his fence.  After searching, he found that his dog was in the pound but was going to be put to sleep.

However, she was not put to sleep at all.  She was adopted out to a family that eventually moved to Orchard Park.  But Bluebell wasn't completely free from the pound.  As it turns out, the landlord in Orchard Park wouldn't allow a dog of Bluebell's size to stay at the new apartment.

This time, Bluebell ended up at The Erie County SPCA. After some research, the workers there couldn't believe what they had found.  Thanks to a microchip that had been implanted in Bluebell, they could see that she was originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Through microchips, we have been able to reunite dogs, maybe a couple months later, in different parts of New York State. This is the first time in at least 22 years that we've been able to reunite a dog all the way across the country." -- Gina Browning of The Erie County SPCA 

Bluebell is now going to be returned to her original owner with the help of a Buffalo restaurant owner.