As most of us know by now, Clay Moden is an avid reader of the magazine "Cosmo."  He talks about it all this time....or at least used to.  Anyway...he left the most recent issue of the magazine here at the station and that's where this lil post came from! LOL.  Yes, I paged through it too and I found a list that may just come in handy for the ladies this Halloween.  According to Cosmo, the costumes he would most like to see you in this Halloween are as follows. user foraggio fotograpgy

1. Most guys surveyed like the sexy/naught approach.  46% as a matter of fact....or result (according to the list)

Example: The Nurse and French Maid are still very popular.  I haven't seen many girls dressed as a french maid, but I have seen a few nurses.

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2. 37% of the men surveyed like the sexy/ sweet costumes.  Example: a Cheerleader or Little Red Riding Hood, or Brittney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time" outfit.  I have seen a few of the Brittney Spears costumes and cheerleaders are always a hit....with guys!





9% of guys in the survey find the sexy/scary costumes to be appealing......EX: devils or vampire

8% like it skanky....EX: stripper, biker babe