In America it's tradition to have family over on Memorial Day and cook out.  At least that's the way we do it at my house.  It's a day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country.  We spend the day with our families because that's what these brave men and women in the military have fought for.  Our freedom.  That's how my family does it.  If you really want to observe Memorial Day to the fullest here are some guidelines that will help you proper observe the holiday....These guidelines come to us courtesy of and Radio

-Go visit cemeteries and place flags and or flowers at the graves of our fallen heroes.

-Flying an American Flag at half-staff until the noon hour is another way to properly observe the holiday.

-Fly a "POW/MIA Flag"

-Go to various memorials

- At 3pm on Memorial Day, pause and think about the real meaning of the day- That time of day is known as "National Moment of Remembrance."   Usually "Taps" is played, but if you just take a moment.  That's good too!