(Photo by Brett Alan)

Each Tuesday we do something called "#Hashtag Tuesday" on Twitter just to have some fun. I give you the topic and you all chime in with your thoughts. This week's topic (or hashtag) was #ILookForward2. We were looking for anything that you were looking forward to. Tons of them had to do with concerts. The top tweets this week were...


@1065wyrk #ILookForward2 June 1st, August 11th, and August 25th #Taste #Brad #Jason
@1065wyrk #ilookforwardto Camping at Watkins Glen during NASCAR weekend
Taste of country on June 1st @1065wyrk #ILookForward2 .. going with 7 ppl
#ilookforward2 giving away the country music inspires cures guitar to a lucky supporter of breast cancer research on june 4 on @1065wyrk!
@1065wyrk #ILookForwardTo ...getting my motorcycle permit in a few days!! :)