I bet you think you know the answer to this one!  No...it is not an iPhone...and iPad...or an iAnything.  believe it or not the hottest item being taken off store shelves only to be resold is.....Tide.  That's right!  The laundry detergent is being stolen so frequently that stores like CVS are keeping the product locked up.

In West St. Paul, Minnesota, a guy stole about 25-thousand dollars worth of Tide over a 15 month period.

Q: So what's the big deal with Tide and why Tide over other brands?

A: Tide, for the most part, is a fixture in most homes.  The cost is very pricey $10-$20 dollars a bottle.  On the black market, thieves get half of that amount for it.  Some of the thieves even resell it to stores.

Q: How is it so easy for these thieves to pull off?

A: There are no serial numbers and it's virtually impossible to track


(Metro Source)