More great news for Jake Owen!  Earlier this year, we found out that Jake had proposed to his girlfriend, and she said yes.  Then today, Jake tweeted "Greatest day of my life. Point blank. Best ever. Wow."

Jake Owen was engaged on April 7 during one of his shows and was married just a month later to 22-year-old Lacey Buchanan Owen. Recently, they told People Magazine that they are expecting a baby girl in the fall.

Things have certainly been moving along quickly for the Owens, but it's all good news.  Jake said that they found out about the pregnancy but wanted to wait to make it public until after they knew if it was a boy or a girl.

“We actually found out Lacey was pregnant after I had asked her dad for his permission (to get married).”

Their new baby girl is due in November, and Jake is ready for every moment of it.

“You know with other people’s babies, they’ll say, ‘Do you want to hold the baby?’ And I always am excited to do that, but then you have to give the baby back. Now we get to keep the baby!”

So how is he going to celebrate?

How fast do you think I can get to Nashville?