This past Saturday night was a very special evening for my wife and I as we attended my son's graduation from Firefighter One. The ceremonies took place at the Youngstown Volunteer Fire Company in Youngstown, NY.  Firefighter One is a very intense training course for fire fighters.  It is a requirement for all firefighters who wish to advance in their respective fire companies. 

Tyler was one of nineteen young blaze busters who completed two solid weeks of firefighter training.  It is not an easy course to pass as there were a few others who started the class but dropped out. This is very serious stuff.  Only those who are truly serious about firefighting make it through the rigorous training. Tyler is an active member of the Main Transit Fire Department in Williamsville.  He was one of three active members from Main Transit who completed this training. 

Congratulations to all the young firefighters who graduated.  These kids don't do this for money. They do it because they feel it is important to help their community. I am extremely proud that my son has chosen to be a volunteer firefighter. It takes a special breed of person to want to do this.