I think is it an outrage that kids have to worry about wearing an American Flag shirt to a school in the United States. This story made me mad the first time and it is judges like this that are watering down America. There is a dress code at Live Oak High School that does not allow for anything to be worn that may be offensive.A Federal Judge has backed the school on this after some parents claimed the kids Constitutional Rights were broken. According to the rule...

Offending wear includes obscene images or gestures, statements of a sexual nature or swear words, depictions of substances illegal to juveniles or displays of weapons or violence, symbols of gang culture, and the ubiquitous below-the-waist, underwear-exposing jeans.

The kids that were reprimanded wore their American Flag t-shirts on Cinco De Mayo. The school sent them home to change their shirts out of fears that the Mexican American students would take offense and cause violence. My question is if whether or not the school took all of the flags down from inside and out of the school? Last time I checked this is the USA, this is not Mexico. Granted there may be a large amount of students with Mexican heritage that go to that school. But where does this stop? I mean are we going to hear about this for every ethnic holiday? Imagine, no American flags on St. Patrick's Day or Dyngus Day. This is simply another case of political correctness getting way out of hand.Makes me sick.

I understand that schools have a right to enforce a dress code and I also understand that they have an obligation to protect their students. However, I think it is the schools RESPONSIBILITY to instill American values and American pride in our young people. Imagine if this were any other country. You think Chinese kids would be banned from wearing red on July 4th because of a few kids in their class?  hahah I can't even write that with a straight face!