There was a time when K-mart was my favorite place to shop. They had everything, and there were a few in this area that even had a full grocery store. I figured I could move anywhere in the country as long as I was within a short drive of a K-mart.

But then somehow they began to slip. The quality of the products, the selection, even the cleanliness of the stores seem to fade. And with other stores like Wal-mart and Target moving in, people now had a choice. And their choice was not to go to K-mart.

And it didn't help that they began closing stores. The one on Niagara Falls Boulevard has been closed about 10 years now. One on Transit and Maple closed shortly after, and now the one on French at Transit in Depew is shutting down.

And I always wondered about their marketing. Except for the weekly Sunday newspaper inserts -- they didn't do any.  I just don't recall any because there was nothing memorable -- until now.

Check out the latest TV ad by K-mart.  It's done with a sense of humor, and I guarantee it'll make you laugh.  THIS is memorable.