I never stop shaking my head in amazement at technology – what it can do and how it’s used. You’re being tracked all the time – where you go, how much time you spend there. Security and surveillance cameras are everywhere. You could walk a short distance down a city street and be seen by a dozen cameras on buildings, homes and even cars.

And there’s another way you’re being tracked – your smartphone.

More than two dozen major department stores track how often you come into their store, how long you spend there and the types of things you look at. Nordstrom got so many complaints they dropped it.

The stores say it helps them gather information on what items people are most interested in. They claim none of the information is shared. They say it helps them improve the shopping experience.

Technically how do they do it? Your phone or tablet is always searching for a Wi-Fi signal and as they do they’re sending out information about you and what’s on your phone. That’s how they connect with your phone. So if you don’t want to be tracked and remain anonymous, turn off the Wi-Fi function on your phone.