Ever hear of phantom pregnancy?

Imagine someone close to you telling you their pregnant for months and months, only for it to be a lie the entire time. But, you be the judge on this one. Is she really having a problem and needs to get help, or do you think that this lady did this to get gifts?

A 35 year old from woman Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec had the entire town behind her as she revealed that she was pregnant with quintuplets with her boyfriend Paul. The woman and her boyfriend were only dating for a few months before she 'found out' that she was pregnant. Paul says that his girlfriend first told him that they were going to have triplets. Then, the number of kids changed to quadruplets and then quintuples.

The couple was being showered in support of gifts and donations from their entire community during the time via a Facebook page set up for the couple. Geneviève Laflamme, a mother of triplets in the town the couple lived in said:

“I gave her tips on how to handle it, where to get financial support, where to get sponsors for diapers.” Laflamme grew suspicious as the weeks passed and she detected holes in the woman’s story. Then, a week before the due date, the woman told Laflamme that a new ultrasound showed that she was carrying quintuplets. At that point Laflamme stopped believing the woman, according to Yahoo.

Finally, after week 34 did the lie finally become truth when doctors said not only was she not at her due date, but she wasn't even pregnant at all. Her boyfriend Paul said that her...

…belly swelled, she began lactating and even broke water.

Gynecologist Isabelle Girard felt that symptoms like the ones the woman displayed could have alternate explanations. She said, “A woman could push her belly outwards, stop going to the toilet or just eat more.” Girard thinks what Paul believed was water breaking could have been urinary incontinence. Finally, the doctor felt that the lactation claims were doubtful but said, “That could result from intense nipple stimulation.”

The woman, whose identity is still being held will being going under psychiatric evaluation.

In the mean time, Paul has said that indeed the relationship has ended and that he was absolutely be returning all of the gifts that were given to him and his ex-girlfriend.