Jason Aldean's the hottest country act on the planet, and he has no signs of slowing down any time soon. Listen to his song "When She Says Baby", off of his album Night Train.

For your convenience, here are the lyrics. Sometimes there's no better thing than having the right words when you're belting out!

Some days it's tough just gettin' up
Throwin' on these boots and makin' that climb
Some days I'd rather be a no-show lay-low
Before I go outta my mind.

But when she says baby,
Oh no matter what comes ain't goin' nowhere she runs her fingers through my hair and saves me.
Yeah that look in her eyes got me comin' alive and drivin' me a good kinda crazy
When she says baby.
Oh when she says baby.

Some nights I come home fightin' mad
Feel like runnin' my fist through the wall.
Is it even worth it what I'm fightin' for anymore feelin'
Torn all the hell with it all.

Everything gonna be alright.
Just lay down by my side.
Let me love you through this life.

Yeah she's the perfect shot of faith.
When every bit of mine is gone.
Somethin' I can believe in a best friend
A heaven sent love to lean on.