Have you have been to an Alpaca farm? I’m guessing most haven’t, but if I ask the question, have you ever enjoyed an adult beverage, the majority of adults would say yes.

I’m able to answer yes to both questions.

The reason I’m asking is, I saw an interesting story in Business First about Diamond Alpacas of Clarence and how they’re planning to spend $200,000 to convert a barn on their property and make it a distillery and old-time saloon. This got my attention, as it seems like a strange thing to do on a farm. Or is it brilliant?

I’m sure you can guess how folks will use the distillery, but what are alpacas good for? Alpacas can be sheered to make fleece, which is then woven into a variety of clothing products.

Now whether you’ll get to give an alpaca a haircut after having a few remains to be seen (just kidding), but I’m thinking this idea is unique enough that it could work.

The owners of Diamond Alpacas also want to turn their seasonal business into one that operates year round. The farm is located at 84845 Wolcott Rd. in Clarence.