Over Mother's Day weekend, a friend of mine gave me a copy of Ransomville's new CD "Country Is What I Am."  I'm all about local artists, so I figured to give it a listen.  I've been out to many events where local country groups perform, but believe it or not, I've really never listened to these guys before.  Ransomville's new disc has 6 tracks and its produced by..... Cowboy Troy.  I only know of one Cowboy Troy, so I'm thinking it's him.  If it is, that's a pretty big name to have on your album.  It adds to the credibility, I think!  So, I popped the disc in and checked it out.  In all honesty, I only skipped over one.  I really liked track 3 and 5 ("100 MPH" & "All I Need"...respectively)  If I had to pick a favorite it might be track 3- "100 MPH"

Cover Tune- "Hurts So Good"