Good jobs are tough to get these days. One of the keys to getting a job is to get thru the job interview. According to Reader’s Digest here are some really dumb things that job candidates during job interviews. And guess what?  They didn’t get the job.

  • It’s a pretty good idea to have an idea of what job you’re applying for. A company in New York says one applicant came in and asked them exactly what it is their company did. Dumb. Just look it up.
  • One person listed their prison time as a job.
  • Another company says an applicant ate all the candy in the candy bowl on the desk during the interview.
  • One applicant for a job as a customer service representative was asked what he might not like about the job. He said dealing with people.
  • One interviewer says the applicant hugged them when they were finished. A handshake is probably good enough.
  • This one is pretty creative, but wasn’t appreciated. The applicant put his qualifications on a billboard that could be seen across the street from the company.
  • One applicant came in with a cockatoo on his shoulder.
  • One applicant came with a friend who came into the office and said, “How much longer?”
  • And one prospective job applicant was asked to fill out a questionnaire. The question was to use one word to describe your strongest attribute. The response was, “I’m very good at following directions.”


SOURCE: Readers Digest