One day I was going to help one of our new employees here move into their house, which was off Niagara Street in Buffalo -- not too far from the Peace Bridge. I was well on my way until I made a wrong turn onto a one-way street that, of course, led me to the Peace Bridge.

You can't just do a quick little U-turn to avoid border patrol. So, of course, I had to explain the situation (and why I didn't have my wallet with any ID in there), and it was quite the hassle, as I'm pretty sure I was minutes away from being strip searched...but, we won't go there.

Well, that same story happened to a man last week....except he had a gun in the car with his family.

This family wound up at the Canadian border and is facing three years in prison for allegedly trying to smuggle a loaded handgun into the country. But Louis DiNatale didn't even want to go across the border to Canada to begin with. They made a wrong turn that had them at the exact beginning of my experience.

Yahoo reports that he said:

"I told him I was retired military, I had respect for weapons, and I had a concealed carry license to do so," DiNatale explained in a statement. "He asked me when was the last time I had a weapon on me. I told him, 'Earlier that week.' He asked me again, 'Why?' I told him it was my right as an American citizen to do so." According to DiNatale, he had forgotten about the Bersa .380 handgun he had stowed in the center console. Agents searched the car, found the gun, and arrested DiNatale for attempted gun smuggling and lying to border patrol agents.

Moral of the story: Never lie to the police. Ever.